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Wound examples

Wounds that could be healed by TISSUPOR® 3D only

Therapies with any other brands failed over years. After that, TISSUPOR® 3D could heal all of this wounds successfully. All treatments could be stopped within a few months. Further treatment with other products became overdue.

Wound example 1A
Wound example 1B
Wound example 1C

Picture 1B: Successful treatment with active healing TISSUPOR® 3D wound pads.

Picture 1C: The 3D high-tech structure removes the white fibrin layer automatically and leaves always a clean wound. No expensive specialised personnel need to remove the white fibrin layer mechanically which can damage the wound again.

Wound example 2A
Wound example 2C

More typical wound examples that could be healed successfully by TISSUPOR® 3D only. Thanks to its revolutionary 3D active healing mechanism.

Wound example 3A
Wound example 3C
Wound example 4A
Wound example 4C
Wound example 5A
Wound example 5C

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