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Unique mechanism – therefore TISSUPOR® 3D is superior to all existing products

Innovative 3D structure
Innovative 3D structure
Innovative 3D structure

Innovative mechanism for active healing of wounds.

While conventional (2D) wound pads have a passive function and only protect wounds from external influences (such as inpurities), TISSUPOR® 3D promotes active healing of severe and chronic wounds, which is significantly more effective – thanks to its revolutionary 3D structure.

This specific 3D pore structure actively promotes the growth of cells and capillaries, which stimulates the tissue to granulate. It is the crucial process why only TISSUPOR® 3D is able to heal so many severe and chronic wounds.

Function of wound healing
Function of wound healing

Micro-bleeding and granulation

The rough surface of the 3D wound pad actively stimulates the wound bed by inducement of micro-bleeding. Granulation of the wound begins after just a few days, resulting in the formation of vascular-rich tissue through angiogenesis.

White fibrin layer
No white fibrin layer

Fibrin layer is automatically removed

The fibrin layer, which is undesirable in severe and chronic wounds, adheres to the 3D structure of TISSUPOR® 3D when it comes to replacing the wound pad. This automatically leaves a clean wound and saves staff the tedious mechanical removal of the fibrin layer which can damage the wound again.

Significantly less painful

Therefore a therapy with TISSUPOR® 3D is significantly less painful for the patient as the fibrin layer isn't able to adhere to any other product’s surface due to the lack of a 3-dimensional structure.

3x faster healing
3x faster healing
3x faster healing

Thanks to its unique mechanism, TISSUPOR® 3D can heal wounds much faster and achieve significantly more successful healing results than any other brands.

This has been proven in several international clinical studies.


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