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Expert statements

Confirmed in clinical studies (improved current version of TISSUPOR® 3D)

„We have tested the product in two clinical studies. TISSUPOR® 3D has proven its effectiveness and efficiency in chronic body ulcers, traumatic and diabetic patients. The type of healing is characterized by two characteristics: by contraction and epithelialization. This mode of action increases healing and also prevents the wound from relapsing into the original clinical condition.
A therapy with TISSUPOR® 3D is significantly more efficient than any previous wound dressings in several aspects: higher success rate, shorter healing duration and lower overall costs. In addition, the treatment is less painful for the patient.
TISSUPOR® 3D removes the white fibrin layer automatically when it comes to a replacement. The wound bed is clean and does not have to be cleaned manually by expensive specialist staff.“

Dr. Marco Cedillo, director of two clinical studies. Clinical Coordinator, Hospital General de Zona con Medicina Familiar, Zacatepec, Morelos. (Mexico 2021)

Confirmed in practical use (improved current version of TISSUPOR® 3D)

„TISSUPOR® 3D can heal severe wounds where all other products have failed. It is the only wound dressing that activates the granulation process and thus enables the decisive step towards complete wound healing in the presence of strong exudation. TISSUPOR® 3D makes therapy easier, shorter and increases success rate and reduces treatment costs.“

Cecilia Paoli, Head of Nurse, Sacco Hospital, Department 3rd of Infectious Diseases and University Schools of Specialization in Infectious Diseases. (Italy 2021)

Clinical appraisal of the first version of TISSUPOR® 3D

„TISSUPOR® 3D represents a new alternative for the treatment of any type of wounds, from dog bites, severe trauma, amputations, diabetic foot to acute post-operative cases where a granulatory answer must be quick and uniform. This is an evident proof that the special 3-dimensional structure of the product acts with success in any wound and any location of that wound. Even in very chronic ulcers (with a history that exceeds the three years, we have seen excellent results with a rapid improvement of the wounds and in very difficult areas with a definite solution for the patients.
In no case, where the “restitutio ad integrum” has occurred, have we experienced recurrences of the ulcers.
We have also noted that TISSUPOR® in chronic ulcers reduces the pain which highly contributes to the patients’ comfort.“

Dr. Eric Oswald, Buenos Aires (Argentina 2004)

Clinical test evaluation of the first version of TISSUPOR® 3D

„With TISSUPOR® 3D wound pad a completely different therapeutic application in wound healing is available. These products feature a high potential in wound management, a high level of innovation and the opportunity of saving costs in healing of chronic wounds. According to tests in our clinic, which were accomplished recently, the mode of action of TISSUPOR® 3D is much of the same result like a treatment with certain biological highly relevant factors. It seems us quite likely, that a treatment with TISSUPOR® 3D eventually activate physiological molecules existing in the human body.

Prof. Dr. med. Johannes Norgauer, University of Jena (Germany 2004)

Clinical test evaluation of the first version of TISSUPOR® 3D

„In summary, TISSUPOR® 3D can be described as an excellent therapeutic agent for defective tissue, on which it can have a positive influence thanks to the intense, benign vascular regeneration, and which in this way stimulates the rapid natural closure especially of the extensive and deep wounds.“

Prof. Dr. med. Dr.-Ing. Erich Wintermantel, Central Institute of Medical Technology ZIMT, Munich (Germany 2002)

Clinical test evaluation of the first version of TISSUPOR® 3D

„This is a major advantage of TISSUPOR® 3D", commented Dr. Marcus Wanner, Medical Director of the Wound Care Clinic in Nottwil. "The wound system is not only easy to use, it can also be integrated well into the present therapy concept. TISSUPOR® 3D is a new contribution to wound treatment everywhere in the world, a basic method that has given us good results so far", added the specialist in plastic and reconstructive surgery. Especially positive is the fact that the bandage needs to be changed less often, which means greater patient comfort and reduced treatment cost.

Dr. Marcus Wanner at the Swiss Paraplegic Centre, 6207 Nottwil (Switzerland 2001)

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