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TISSUPOR® 3D – improved/current version as of 2015
1-layer, rectangular wound dressing (80 x 80 mm)

Improved healing performance and simplified application/handling. This has been proven by clinical studies, medical experts and patients.

The new version can be easily cut into the desired shape. And thanks to the new shape, several wound pads can easily be placed together to form a larger surface.

TISSUPOR® - 1st version as of 2001
3-layer, round wound pad. It was successfully tested in several university hospitals, in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

But the team around Edgar Morand kept improving this revolutionary 3D wound pad. The two main goals: improvement of the healing performance and simplification of the application/handling.

Severe and chronic wounds heal better and faster

The TISSUPOR® 3D wound pad was developed in an interdisciplinary project. It was initiated by MedTech of the Federal Office for Professional Education and Technology (OPET) in Bern. The project was supported by the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zurich, the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Testing and Research (EMPA) in St. Gallen, the Swiss Textile College in Wattwil and the companies Flawa AG and Bischoff Textil AG.

This collaboration resulted in an innovative development: the first 3-dimensional wound pad. It consisted of 3 layers and enabled a fundamentally new and significantly more effective mechanism for wound healing.

This was a great success. But the pioneers, first and foremost Edgar Morand, wanted more and continued to develop the product. They optimized the effect and simplified the application, leading to the creation of the current 1-layer 3D high-tech wound pad.


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