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Product instruction

TISSUPOR® 3D can be used without prior knowledge by all medical personnel (doctors, medical assistants, nurses, etc.). The wound pad must be placed directly on the clean wound’s surface with the stimulating nodules facing downwards. Particularly in the case of smaller wounds, take care to ensure that the wound pad does not detach from the wound.

Application of the product to the wound with sides inverted does not involve any risks, but it does prevent the healing effect. If necessary, additional absorbent material, for the purpose of absorbing wound secretions, can be used. Use elastic dressing material to attach. The TISSUPOR® 3D wound pad is usually changed after 4 to 7 days without sticking to the wound surface.

  • The product must not be used more than once, as sufficient cleaning cannot be guaranteed (disposable product).
  • Do not use the contents if the packaging is damaged.
  • After opening, sterility is no longer guaranteed, and the TISSUPOR® 3D wound pad must be used immediately.
  • Product is supplied sterile – sterilization by irradiation.
  • Protect from moisture.


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