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Benefits for health authorities & health insurances

Global game changer

According to the WHO (2020) around 422 million people worldwide suffer from diabetes. Every year 1.6 million die as a result of this disease. Many more suffer from severe and chronic wounds that cannot be healed. Therefore they need constant care. Their lives are severely restricted and their care is complex and expensive.

Finally there is a solution for many severe and chronic wounds

TISSUPOR® 3D is a game changer in the treatment of severe and chronic wounds. Thanks to the revolutionary 3D structure, TISSUPOR® 3D can actively heal such wounds for the first time, which leads to significantly more healing successes. Thanks to this new, superior treatment method, many patients now have the chance of a symptom-free life – forever. And many amputations can be avoided.

Diabetes is just one application field for TISSUPOR® 3D. Other fields include burns, pressure ulcers, etc.

Significantly lower cost

TISSUPOR® 3D enables significantly faster healing process and shorter hospitalization. The treatment cost per patient can be dramatically lower. Health contributions/reimbursements to patients can be reduced or even stopped.

Less expensive and specialized personnel recources

Another issue is the rapidly increasing utilization of our healthcare system, which is pushing personnel and materials to their limits. Thanks to the significantly simplified and shorter wound management with TISSUPOR® 3D, the health system can safe expensive specialized personnel resources.

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