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See more videos on the next site "Application videos". It shows how easy TISSUPOR® 3D is to use and how much more effective the healing power is compare to all other products.

Preparation of the wound

The wound must be thoroughly washed with a sterile solution. The wound should be prepared according to the progress of wound healing, and according to the recommendations of EWMA (European Wound Management Association).


Place the TISSUPOR® 3D wound pad with the rough side (with the tips) facing down onto the wound.

The TISSUPOR® 3D wound pad must be cut according to the size of the wound.

It is used dry and moistened with a sterile solution in the case of light or necrotic wounds.

TISSUPOR® 3D can be used dry or moist.


TISSUPOR® 3D is fixed to the wound with adhesive tape or an elastic bandage, with light pressure. Particularly in the case of smaller wounds, care must be taken to ensure that the pad does not detach from the wound.

Avoid contact with water.

Changing the bandage

TISSUPOR® 3D can remain on the wound for 4 to 7 days without adhering to the wound bed.

In the heavy secretion phase, it must be changed every 3 to 4 days.

The use of additional absorbent gauze pads to collect wound secretions is possible. These can be changed as required without removing the TISSUPOR® 3D wound pad.

The product must not be used more than once, as sufficient cleaning cannot be guaranteed (disposable product).


TISSUPOR® 3D wound pad is suitable for wounds with mild to heavy secretion, in the exudative and the granulation phase:

  • Chronic and acute venous insufficiency CVI;
  • Diabetes mellitus DM Diabetic foot;
  • Occlusive peripheral arterial disease (PAD)
  • Decubitus ulcers
  • Other ulcers, e.g. leg ulcers
  • Postoperative wounds, e.g. after removal of tumors
  • Veterinary medicine


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