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Distributors – New business field without competition

TISSUPOR® 3D serves a new market niche without competition. Many severe and chronic wounds can be healed by TISSUPOR® 3D only. Our game changing product will give you a great oportunity to enter a new business field successfully.

We are looking for distribution partners to introduce our product to the global market. Tissupor AG is a Swiss company. It owns the exclusive rights to TISSUPOR® 3D and manages the production.

Would you like to distribute TISSUPOR® 3D to some countries? If so, please contact us via our contact form.

Tissupor AG | Headquarters

Bogenstrasse 9
9000 St. Gallen | Switzerland

Phone +41 79 607 2248

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Tissupor AG | Global Distribution

58000 Kuala Lumpur | Malaysia

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